Introducing the Pastons to local hubs


Two meetings have been held recently to inform people in places were the Pastons were active about what is happening with the ongoing Paston Footprints project. The first meeting was at Bacton on November 7th and the second in Gresham on November 14th.

The highlight of both was on-screen presentations by Peter Stibbons of what had been achieved so far, featuring 3D re-creations of Paston Hall, Bromholm Abbey and Oxnead Church. This aroused much enthusiam in both venues. The Bacton meeting was introduced by Rob Knee and the Gresham one by Tim Lenton, both giving an overview of the Pastons with special reference to the area they were speaking in.

Saul Penfold gave a brief talk  at the Bacton meeting about what was happening at Paston Church. The object in both places – to be known as hubs – was to attract both volunteers and ideas for future activity, and the response was excellent. More than 20 were at Bacton, with slightly fewer at Gresham, but in both places local people were keen to get involved in one way or another.

In the picture Rob Knee introduces the Paston meeting, with Peter Stibbons at the ready with his projector.