Teachers look at the Pastons from new points of view



Blofield Primary School were the hosts for the Footprints Teachers' conference on 14 January. 

PHS trustees Tim Lenton and Peter Stibbons were present, but the main sessions were led by Tim Taylor and Dot Lenton, both experienced in advanced teaching methods - Tim's speciality is Mantle of the Expert, which involves ways of getting into the story through drama and role play; Dot's is Philosophy for Children, which looks at involving the children through a community of inquiry, with emphasis on listening and respect for different views.

Teachers came from five different schools, and other schools will be involved through materials made available by the conference co-ordinator, Sue Eagle – like Dot, a former head teacher. Thanks to Blofield School for making time and space available, and to the other teachers for making the journey on a cold January day!

Pictures show (left) Tim Taylor talking to a group of teachers and (right) Dot Lenton leading a Philosophy for Children session.